Limited Liability Company

  • ООО "БСП-ЛИТЭКО", ООО "МСК Стальконструкция"

  • ООО "БСП-ЛИТЭКО", ООО "МСК Стальконструкция"

"BSP-LITEKO" Ltd. combines a number of enterprises which are engaged in turnkey implementation.


Company "BSP-LITEKO" Ltd.


It provides with:

- Control and accounting gas systems;

- Control and accounting systems of electricity;

- Control and accounting systems of heat supply;

- Management and accounting systems of water supply;

- ACS;

- Filter for compensating device;

- Heat pumps;

- The supply of imported equipment;

- Furnace transformers;

- Modern bimetallic console;

- Manufacture and overall of metallurgical furnaces: electric arc furnaces, induction furnaces.



"MSK Stalkonstrukciya" Ltd.  Engaged with such kinds of work:

- Mountinging, repair, reconstruction (using welding) machines, machineries, high-risk equipment, such as: cranes: bridge cranes, full gantry cranes, gantry cranes, track cranes, road cranes, pneumatic cranes, cranes on the chassis of a car, tower cranes, rail cranes, crane girders, manual and electric hoists.

- Manufacture and mounting of containers, gasholders, water towers, flues, hoppers, silos and tubs, which worked under pressure: capacity to 5000 m3;

- Mounting of construction of external engineering networks and systems.

- Water supply: inner quarterly, inner areal.

- Sewages: rainwater sewage, consumer and industrial sewage.

- Mounting of internal engineering networks, systems, device and measuring tools.

- Mounting of manufacturing equipment: Manufacturing industry Agro-industrial complex. Municipal engineering.